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Ex.1 Choose the correct item.(написать только букву!a/b/c)
1) He …new to the school. a)am, b)is, c)are
2) She is…than her sister. a)the youngest, b)young, c)younger.
3)What are you …now? a)doing, b)do, c)does
4)This address isn’t … a)mine, b)my, c)their.
5)Did you meet your friend …? a) at the moment, b)last week, c) every day.
6)It’s ... of September . a) the twenty-third, b)twenty-third, c)the twenty-three.
7)What time is it? –It’s five …seven. a)after, b)to, c)half.
8)He often… skiing in winter. a)goes, b)going, c)go
9)…Olga got her own room?a)does, b)have, c)has
10)This bag belongs to Jane. It’s … bag. a)her, b)hers, c)my
11) Look at the sign! You … turn right here! a) can’t, b)shouldn’t, c)don’t have to.
12)What time …your school …? a)does …starts, b)does …start, c) do…starts. 13) I … up early yesterday. a)wake, b) waked, c)woke
14)Jason is … student in the class. a) the cleverest , b) cleverest, c)cleverer
15)We … wake up early on our holiday. a)mustn’t, b) don’t have to , c) can’t

Ex.2 Use the right word to complete the sentences (there is one word you don’t need to use):
join, change, place, cycling, exciting, boring,
(предложение не переписывать, написать только слово, 1 слово лишнее)
1) Let’s put the furniture in ….
2) I’d like to… the video club.
3) I like going camping. It’s ….
4) He’s keen on … He finds it fun.
5)They want to play something for a ….

Ex.3. Read the text from your textbook (p.81) and answer the questions. ответь на во полным предложение. (Переписывать текст не надо, нужен конкретный ответ на во Обращай внимание на порядок слов в предложении.
1)What is the text about?
2)How many floors has the ESB got?
3)Are there any shops inside the ESB?(краткийиполныйответ)
4)What are the top floors decorated with?
5)How often do the lights on the top of the ESBchange colours?

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