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Steve Jobs was …..a) British b)American businessman.
He was born in….. a)Los Angeles b) San Francisco.
Steve was a)adopted b)not adopted .
Steve learned to read a)at school b)before school.
The boy a)loved school very much b) didn’t love school.
He was a a)brilliant b)not very good student at school.
He was fond of a)cars b)electronics.
The company was called “Apple” because a)Steve liked apples very much b) Steve remembered the summer where he picked apples.
Steve Jobs was a)hard-working b) a bit lazy.
His hobby was a)drawing b)music.
His favourite group was a)” Queen” b)”The Beatles”.

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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 04:42
Сделать put in a preposition (over/trom/into 1 i looked the window and watched the people in the street. 2 my house is very near here. it's just the corner. 3 do you know how to put a film camera? 4 hom far is it here the airport? 5 we walked the museum for an hour and saw a lot of
interesting ihings. 6 you can put your couat the back of the chair. 7 in tennis, you have to hit the ball the net. 8 silvia took a key her bag and opened the door.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 12:15
Подчеркните participle i и participle ii и установите функции каждого из них, то есть укажите, является ли оно определением, обстоятельством или составной частью глагола-сказуемого. 1. increased food production is necessary to keep up with today’s rapid population growth. 2. almost all our food is
provided by agriculture. 3. as agriculture developed, fewer people were needed to produce food. 4. increasing food production agriculture is also improving the quality of life.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 16:54
Сделать краткий пересказ the press in britain and elsewhere it's common knowledge that newspapers report the news. published on a regular basis, usually daily or weekly, they also interpret events behind the news. in addition, newspapers give useful information, such as stock market prices, weather
reports and television programmes. they are also a popular source of reading for entertainment. people often buy newspapers for their feature articles on subjects of wide interest, such as travel and fashion, for their comics and crosswords, and for their regular columns on topics, such as
gardening, eating out, show business, gossip and astrology. together with other means of communi­cation, such as radio, television, and magazines, newspapers form the media. printed forms of the media, including newspapers and magazines are also called "the press". newspapers treat the news in two
different ways. they can take a serious line, reporting and explaining the news with the aim of informing the readers as fully as possible. alternatively they may take a more popular approach, which requires more entertainment in the choice and presentation of stories, photographs and larger
eye-catching headlines. many newspapers combine the serious and the popular approach, but in the united kingdom newspapers tend to be either one thing or the other. both serious and popular newspapers can be further divided into daily or weekly (depending on how often they are published), morning or
evening (depending on when they are published) and local, national, or, in a very few cases, international (depending on the area over which they are sold). newspapers of general interest are supplemented by specialist newspapers, which publish news and stories for people with particular interests.
religious, financial, and sporting newspapers are examples. the british are believed to be the greatest newspaper readers in the world. they read newspapers at breakfast, on the bus or on the train when they go to work and on the way back home. a symbol of the british press is fleet street — a
street in london that used to be home of most british national newspapers. fleet street is conveniently situated on the north bank of the river thames close to a number of large railway stations, which makes it easy to deliver the papers to the trains taking them round the country. fleet street is
also not far from such important british institutions as the bank of england, the stock exchange, the houses of parliament and the law courts, which allows the fleet street journalists to keep an eye on things. british daily papers are published from monday to saturday. the serious or quality papers
such as the times, the guardian, the financial times, the independent and the daily telegraph are for those who want to know about important happenings everywhere, both domestic news and foreign news. compared with belarusian papers, british quality papers are very thick. they usually consist of
separate sections such as politics, finances, business, etc. it's not uncommon for a newspaper reader to use only one or two sections and throw the others away. popular papers or tabloids, such as the daily mail, the sun or the daily express make a much easier reading and have a more general
readership. many popular papers run strip cartoons and humorous drawings, a lot of them have a woman's page, and readers' letters. nearly all papers pay special attention to sports news. the evening papers, such as the evening news are often bought because people want to know the winner of a race or
the result of football pools. the sunday papers are not sunday editions of the daily papers but separate weekly editions coming out on sundays. in addition to the news they usually provide interesting articles on arts, newly-published books, and gardening. some of them, such as the sunday times have
a very high reputation and the best critics and journalists write for them.
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 20:26
Think pf more questions about the picture. then work in pairs. close your books and and test your partner's memory. ask your own questions and those from exercise 4
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Английский язык, 03.03.2019 20:38
Переведите на язык единственная проблема, которая может возникнуть, это при попытке установки драйвера может появиться сообщение, о том что программа установки не нашла подходящего оборудования. это значит, что вы устанавливаете драйвер не для вашего оборудования (видео карты, звуковой карты и т.
либо попробуйте установить драйвер более ранней версии, так как для старого оборудования бывает не подходят новые драйвера. драйвера любой версии, обычно можно скачать на сайте производителя того оборудования, на которое вы устанавливаете драйвера. комплексный установки драйверов второй установки драйверов немного сложнее, но если вы запомните и поймете последовательность действий, то сможете установить любой драйвер без особых проблем. приступим. 1.заходим в меню «пуск», щелкаем правой кнопкой мыши по значку (мой компьютер), в выпавшем списке выбираем (свойства). 2.выбираем
вкладку (оборудование) и щёлкаем по кнопке (диспетчер устройств). 3.в появившемся окне выбираем то устройство, на которое нужно установить драйвер и кликаем по нему правой кнопкой мыши, в выпавшем списке нажимаем (свойства), либо дважды щелкаем по нему.
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Английский язык, 08.03.2019 12:37
Решите карточку по . яз. 7 класс. только по честному, без обмана. ​
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Английский язык, 10.03.2019 21:27
1. найдите в тексте повторяющиеся слова, которые составляют его тематическую основу. 2. назовите и выпишите из текста ключевые слова, несущие наибольшую смысловую нагрузку и которые можно использовать в качестве опоры при обсуждении проблемы, освещаемой в тексте. 3. назовите основные проблемы, затронутые в тексте. 4. скажите, на сколько частей можно условно разделить текст. чему посвящена каждая отдельная часть? 5. составьте 10 вопросов разных типов по тематике текста.
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 02:39
Написать большое письмо на эту тему, с такими подтемами: if you could be a famous actor or actress in a film, what kind of film would you choose: • which actors would you hope to work with? • would it be more important to you that the film was popular or creative? • what other elements would you want in the film, such as scenery, location, plot or central message?
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 15:35
Сделайте , если что там написано present simple, 7 класс
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 15:56
Сократить текст для пересказа, предложений 10-15 nowadays everybody knows that people are very busy and don’t have much time to spare. sometimes it’s only the weekend and i think that every day-off needs some special planning. the english say: "who knows how to work, knows how to rest". i think it’s true. in my view rest is as important as work. so i try to treasure every hour and think of the ways of having a good time in the best way possible for me. i prefer spending my free time with the people whose company i always enjoy. i also like to spend my spare time alone, when i’m tired and haven’t got any desire to talk to anybody, very often i want to get away from noisy streets and go to the countryside and change the scenery. on the other hand i may go to different entertainment centers such as disco clubs, art centers including cinema, theatre, concerts halls, etc. there are people who want to broaden and enrich their knowledge during their free time. i’m among them; i go to the library or reading-hall where i can find a lot of books written by my favourite writers and poets. i must add that i never have enough time to enjoy reading and more often read a book or a magazine late in the evening. or i can go to the museums and picture galleries where i can see the works of well-known painters and sculptors of all times. i don’t forget the computer – my greatest helper in searching for knowledge. if you want to be strong and healthy, go in for sports. there are many sports clubs, swimming-pools, gymnasiums and sport grounds for everybody who loves sports. sport will make you not only healthier and stronger, but kinder, more sociable, cheerful and even wiser. sport will give you its strength and energy and you’ll become a greater admirer of life with all its problems and wonders. moreover, there are a lot of people, who prefer less energetic activities, such as chess, cards, crosswords. and don’t forget about hobbies. you should have at least one, it’ll help you to relax, dream and enjoy life. there are so many hobbies to choose: painting, computer programming, photography, fishing, gardening, cooking, walking, learning languages, collecting something and what not. it’s a pleasure to see lots of things made with your own hands, to look through a large collection of old and rare coins, books or stamps, to present your friends with the pictures and drawings created by yourself, to amuse everyone with your green winter garden at home. so, look around more carefully and you’ll find your own and the only one (or even more). hobbies give people moments of pride and excitement but take a lot of time, energy and even money. tastes differ and if you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky. (so my hobby is…) travelling is also a good way to spend my spare time. visiting new places, seeing sights and meeting new people is a very exciting and useful relaxation. i can go hiking. in summer i like to be outdoors from morning till night, sunbathing, walking barefoot on the grass. my family or my friends are the very people to go with to the riverbank, to the forest or to the seashore. it's really wonderful to put up a tent, make a fire and spend time in a picturesque place. people are dreamers, our dreams are different but each person chooses his own way of spending free time, either passive or active. in any case leisure should be refreshment and a source of inspiration.
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 16:28
Read these adjectives and write the comparative form of adjectives. don’t forget about exceptions. example 0. hot answer 0. hotter example 1. unusual answer 1. more unusual 1. pretty – 2. small – 3. bad –
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Английский язык, 11.03.2019 16:55
There's violet beauregarde! ' he heard someone shouting. 'that's her all right! i can remember her face from the newspapers! ' 'and you know what? ' somebody else shouted back. 'she's still chewing that dreadful old piece of gum she's had for three months! you look at her jaws! they're still working on it! ' 'who's the big fat boy? ' 'that's augustus gloop! ' 'so it is! ' 'enormous, isn't he! ' 'fantastic! ' 'who's the kid with a picture of the lone ranger stencilled on his windcheater? ' 'that's mike teavee! he's the television fiend! ' 'he must be crazy! look at all those toy pistols he's got hanging all over him! ' 'the one i want to see is veruca salt! ' shouted another voice in the crowd. 'she's the girl whose father bought up half a million chocolate bars and then made the workers in his peanut factory unwrap every one of them until they found a golden ticket! he gives her anything she wants! absolutely anything! she only has to start screaming for it and she gets it! ' 'dreadful, isn't it? ' 'shocking, i call it! ' 'which do you think is her? ' 'that one! over there on the left! the little girl in the silver mink coat! ' 'which one is charlie bucket? ' 'charlie bucket? he must be that skinny little shrimp standing beside the old fellow who looks like a skeleton. very close to us. just there! see him? ' 'why hasn't he got a coat on in this cold weather? ' 'don't ask me. maybe he can't afford to buy one.' 'goodness me! he must be freezing! ' charlie, standing only a few paces away from the speaker, gave grandpa joe's hand a squeeze, and the old man looked down at charlie and smiled. somewhere in the distance, a church clock began striking ten. very slowly, with a loud creaking of rusty hinges, the great iron gates of the factory began to swing open. the crowd became suddenly silent. the children stopped jumping about. all eyes were fixed upon the gates. 'there he is! ' somebody shouted, 'that's him! ' and so it was перевести в косвенную речь
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