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с сочем вот соч Task 1. Read the text and identify the writer’s opinion and write True or False next to the
given statements as in the example.

It is easy to forget that many villages would disappear if there were no donkeys. Much of the
world is dependent on donkeys moving food from farms to small towns. Many countries have
an effective network of railways to help transport different types of goods. The earliest
recorded system was in Ancient Greece in 600BC. Since then, rail-links were built to connect
short distances. In the early 19th century, the first passengers travelled on the railways with
horse-drawn carriages.
Air-travel is the most modern form of public transport and it was developed in the 20th century.
Millions of people use airplanes for a variety of reasons.
Some courier companies now have their own fleet of planes ready to carry parcels and post
more efficiently. There are different types of passenger services – some are cheap and
provide a ‘no-frills’ service which is good for short journeys.
Statements. Write True or False next to the given statements as in the example.
1. Donkeys are not needed in today’s economy
1. F
1. The Ancient Greeks had a railway system in 800BC.
2. The very early railways connected a lot of cities.
3. British passengers first travelled on trains in the 19 th century.
4. ‘No-frills’ airlines are popular because they are cheap.
5. Some courier services use their own convoys of planes.
6. People use airplanes only to carry tools.
Task 2. Write a paragraph about your last holiday celebration answering the following
questions. (give full answers)
1) What was your last holiday?
2) Where did you celebrate it?
3) How many people were at the party? Who were they (friends, relatives, classmates
4) Did anyone get presents? What kind of presents?
5) What did you like the most?

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