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1. Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа:
Tony and Alison are friends. Tony is twelve. Alison is eleven. Tony is English.
Alison is Scottish. Alison is with her cat. The cat’s name is Lucky. Lucky is very kind.
She is white and grey. Lucky is Alison’s friend. The cat is her good friend. Tony is
with his dog. His dog’s name is Ben. He is grey. Tony’s dog is very clever. The dog is
Tony’s great friend. The cat is not the dog’s friend.
1) Tony and Alison are…
a) classmates b) friends c) pupils
2) Tony is…
a) eleven b) twelve c) ten
3) Alison is …
a) ten b) twelve c) eleven
4) Tony is from…
a) Scotland b) Wales c) England
5) Alison is from…
a) England b) Scotland c) Wales
6) Alison has … and Tony has…
a) a cat, a parrot b) a dog, a fox c) a cat, a dog
7) The cat is very…
a) clever b) kind c) angry
8) The dog is very…
a) kind b) angry c) clever
9) Alison’s good friend is …
a) Tony b) Ben c) Lucky
10) Tony’s good friend is …
a) Ben b) Lucky c) Alison

2. Выпишите лишнее слово:
1. Maths, History, Britain, English
2. museum, city, monument, building
3. street, square, queen, bridge
4. open, enjoy, interesting, answer
5. sociable, timetable, traditional, typical

3. Выберите и вставьте подходящее по смыслу слово:
1. The person who sings songs is a…

a) doctor b) singer c) spaceman
2. The person who plays in film is an …
a) writer b) engineer c) actor
3. The person who takes part in sport competitions is a …
a) pop singer b) sportsman c) actress

4. Распределите глаголы в два столбика – правильные и неправильные:
did, went, lived, came, visited, wanted, flew, showed, bought, skated, had, danced, swam, watched.
5. Выберите нужное слово: many, much:
1. We have _ lessons of English this year.
2. I like this new teacher very _
3. Do you learn _ new English words every day?
4. We haven't got _ bread.
5. There isn't_ salad in the fridge.
6. She hasn't got _ apples.
7. I can't spend _ money on toys.
6. Выберите нужное слово: some, any:
1. There is _ cheese.
2. There isn’t _butter.
3. There are _tomatoes.
4. There is _sugar.
5. There aren’t _cabbages.
6. Would you like_ cake?
7. Can I have _tea?

7. Выберите и выпишите глагол в нужной форме:
1. My father always … at 6 a. m.
a) got up b) gets up c) get up
2. Last weekend I … to Moscow.
a) went b) goes c) did go
3. Last Sunday my family … the grandparents in the village.
a) will visit b) went c) go
4. Most Russian pupils … school uniform.
a) wore b) wears c) wear
5. How often … you go shopping?
a) does b) do c) did

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