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Напиши во предложения и ответь на них. Если в скобках (+), то ответ должен быть положительным. Если (-), то отрицательным.

Например: you/ visit/ your friend/ last Saturday (+)
Did you visit your friend last Saturday? Yes, I did.

1) they/ travel/ to/ Portugal/ last/ summer (+)
2) Dan/ wash/ his car/ yesterday morning (+)
3) the/ children/ finish/ their homework (-)
4) Sarah/ play/ tennis/ this weekend (+)

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5x2=10 marks
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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в нужной форме.
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Нужно перевести на . яз.: десять красных петухов, семь серых котят, десять розовых поросят, семь зеленых ручек.
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Употребите глагол в нужной форме: 1. mike said that he often (watch) tv 2. the people told me that the train (arrive) 3. mother said that she (cook) dinner 4. the postman said he (come) earlier next time 5. mary said she (bring) flowers to school next day 6. ann said that she always (forget) grammar rules 7. we were sure that nick (spend) his holidays in the country
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Перевидите текст заранее : the mill-boy and painted shoes in one of the museums of holland you can see a pair of wooden shoes with funny ducks, chickens and pigs drawn o them. those shoes helped to discover the great artist rembrandt. this is the story. one day rembrandt was not attentive at his lesson. he was discovered drawing chickens, ducks and pigs on his cousin's wooden shoes.
she was delighted with them, but the teacher was very angry with rembrandt. he sent a note to his uncle about the matter. the next morning the boy hid at the top of the stairs. he was dreaming of the time when he would see the great wide world himself. suddenly he saw his uncle coming toward their house. when his uncle asked to see rembrandt's mother alone, the boy felt that the trouble was coming. he
thought, " i shall be punished for the wooden shoes." his uncle and his mother went to the mill to see his father. then his father called him and he had to obey. there stood his uncle with one of shoes in his hand, and all eyes were turned to rembrandt. to his surprise his mother said in a kind voice, " would you really to be a painter? " little rembrandt could not believe his ears and he was very happy.
his father said, " your teacher thinks that you are a talented boy. he is struck by masterly drawings and he advises us to send you to leydan to study painting. " some years later rembrandt became a great painter. his name was famous all over the world. he painted wonderful pictures, which can be seen in many art museum of the world.
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Написать что петя умеет и не умеет делать составить вопросы и ответить на него. например can peter play with a computer? yes-no. english? yes-no. a bike? yes- with a computer? yes-no. the guitar? yes-no. table tennis? yes-no basketball? yes-no volleyball? yes-no
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Порiвняти i перекласти цi речення на українську мову: they often go to the park on sunday. they went to the park last sunday. they will go to the park next sunday.
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