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Задания на present Simple/Continues

1. Present Continuous Write the ing-form of the following verbs.
fly -
book -
hit -
take -
lie -
2. Simple Present
Write the 3rd person singular of the following verbs (in Simple Present).
do - he
worry - she
play - she
watch - he
might - she
3. Use When to use which tense?
(1) Which tense do you have to use with the following signal words: Look!, now?
(2) Which tense do you have to use with the following signal words: often, seldom, never?
(3) For actions happening at the moment of speaking, we use .
(4) For actions set by a timetable or schedule, we use .
(5) In a story, for present actions happening one after another, we use .
(6) For arrangements for the near future, we use .
4. Positive sentences Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present continuous.
We (help) in the canteen this week.
Martin usually (drive) to work.
But today, he (take) the bus.
Listen! She (practise) the piano.
My friend (play) the guitar every evening.
5. Negative sentences Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.
He (not / spend) his holidays in Spain each year.
I (not / meet) Francis tonight.
They (not / fly) to London tomorrow.
We (not / work) this week.
The film (not / begin) at 7 o'clock.
6. questionn Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.
(leave / you) the party now?
(have / you) any brothers or sisters?
(love / she) him?
Who (cook) dinner tonight?
(send / he) you an e-mail every day?
7. Text Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Continuous.
Maria (want) to improve her English.
Therefore, she (do) a language course in London at the moment.
She (stay) with a host family and (must) take the tube to get to her language school.
It (be) only a five-minute walk to the nearest tube station.
The tube (leave) at half past eight.
The first lesson (begin) at 9 o'clock.
In the afternoons, the school (offer) sightseeing tours in and around London.
Tomorrow, the students of the language school (go) to Windsor.

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