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очень надо
1. Choose the correct answer
1. They … swimming three times a month.
a) goes b) is going c) go
2. My sister … her friends this weekend.
a) is visiting b) visits c) visit
3. She … TV before she goes to bed.
a) always watches b) watches always c) is watching always
4. I … to a party last night.
a) go b) going c) went
5. They … tired after a long car journey.
a) was b) were c) is
6. When I woke up this morning the sun …
a) was shining b) shone c) were shining
7. Computer games are … than board games.
a) expensive b) expensiver c) more expensive
8. He … speak English when he was six years old.
a) couldn’t b) shouldn’t c) was

2. Complete these sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjective in brackets
1. Charly is (tall) boy in our class.
2. I’m (good) than my brother at playing draughts.
3. This is (big) department store in the city.
4. All my friends think Math is (boring) than history.

3. Underline the correct alternatives
1. There aren’t many/much shops in the village.
2. There is much/a lot of food in the fridge.
3. Is there many/much noise in your town at night?

4. Complete the sentences with appropriate words
Console, historical, board games, the news, comedy, calmly, tsunami
1. Which games do you prefer, Xbox or PlayStation?
2. There was a very bad in Asia a few years ago.
3. My grandfather loves films about kings and queens.
4. It’s important to act in an emergency.
5. My parents prefer to electronic games.
6. My sister enjoys a good film. They make her laugh!
7. My dad watches every evening to find out what’s happening in the world.

5. Complete the first conditional sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets
1. If you (to ask) a policeman, he (to tell) you the way.
2. I (to finish) the job tomorrow if I (to can).
3. If you (to go) to town on Monday, you (to meet) my brother Tom.
4. If you (to need) help, my father (to help) you.
5. We (to have) a picnic lunch if the day (to be) fine.

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сделать эти два по этому тексту! нужно, , what is economics? economics is a social science studying production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. economists focus on the way in which individuals, groups, business enterprises and governments try to achieve
efficiently any economic objective they select. other fields of study also try to do that. psychology and ethics try to explain how objectives are formed; history records changes in human objectives; sociology interprets human behavior in social contexts. standard economics can be divided into two
major fields. the first, microeconomics explains how supply and demand in competitive markets create prices, wage rates, profit margins and rental changes. microeconomics assumes that people behave rationally. consumers try to spend their income in ways that give them as much pleasure as possible.
as economists say they maximize utility. for their part, entrepreneurs seek as much profit as they can extract from their operations. the second field, macroeconomics, deals with modern explanations of national income and employment. macroeconomics dates from the book, the general theory of
employment interest and money (1935), by the british economist john maynard keynes. his explanation of prosperity and depression is based on the total or aggregate demand for goods and services by consumers, business investors and governments. перевод: что такое ? - это общественная наука,
изучающая производство, распределение, обмен и потребление товаров и услуг. фокусируются на которым индивидуумы, группы, бизнес предприятия и правительства пытаются эффективно достичь любой, выбранной ими, (цели). другие области исследования также пытаются сделать это. психология и этика
пытаются объяснить как формируются; записывает изменения в человеческих ; социология интерпретирует человеческое поведение в контексте общества. стандартная(нормальная) может быть поделена на две основных области. первая, , объясняет как предложение и спрос на конкурентных рынках создает цены,
ставки заработанной платы, размеры прибыли и изменения арендной платы. предполагает, что люди поступают рационально. потребители стараются потратить свой заработок так, чтобы получить так много удовольствия, как только возможно. как говорят , они максимизируют полезность(выгоду). со своей стороны,
предприниматели ищут максимальную прибыль, которую они могут извлечь из своих операций. вторая область, , имеет дело с современными объяснениями национального дохода и занятости (населения). берет начало из книги "общая теория занятости, процента и денег" (1935) британского джона мейнарда кейнса.
его объяснение процветания и упадка основывается на полном или совокупном спросе на товары и услуги, потребителями, бизнес инвесторами(вкладчиками) или правительствами.
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Fill in the words: souvenirs, varied, local, seasick, booked laura got ………….. during her cruise from spain to portugal. britain has got a very ……………landscape, including mountains, forests, beautiful seacoasts and valleys. have you already …………… the tickets to new york? my mother likes to buy……………
for her sisters on holidays. we went to a small village to meet the native people and to try the ……………. cuisine. put the words into 3 columns: boat, car, helicopter, coach, plane, yacht by air by land by sea fill in phrasal verbs: set off, set aside, set back, sets in the new shopping center
wasn’t ready and the opening was ……….. for a few weeks. we must plant these trees before the cold weather ……………. you should ………. some money to buy a new car. what time will we ……………. for the airport tomorrow?
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Choose the right variant.1. his advice … always reasonable. i advise you to follow….a) are, themb) are, itc) is, itd) is, them2.the applause … deafening. i can't stand … any longer. let's go out. a) are, themb) is, itc) is, themd) are, it3.the second witness's evidence … more convincing. … made me
believe that the suspect is innocent. a) are, itb) is, itc) are, theyd) is, they4.look, her clothes … brand new. where did she get the money to buy …? a) is, itb) are, itc) are, themd) is, them5.the browns who lived in … house … dining with the harrisons who … their best friends. a) a three-storey,
were, wereb) three-storeys, were, wasc) a three-storey's, were, wered) three-storeys', was, were6.the information he gave us … convincing. i don't think we should check ….a) is, itb) is, themc) are, themd) are, it7.her pyjamas … made of silk. i like … very much. a) is, itb) is, themc) are, itd) are,
them8.these scissors … dull! i can't cut anything with ….a) are, themb) is, themc) is, itd) are, it9.when i move to london, i'll have to find lodgings. i'm afraid …will be very expensive and i'll have to pay for … half of my salary. a) it, itb) they, themc) they, itd) it, them10.i think billiards …
a dull game. i wonder why the youth nowadays … so fond of …? a) are, is, itb) is, are, itc) are, are, themd) is, are, them11.he is so depressed. the contents of the letter … made public. general public … discussing ….a) have been, is, themb) has been, are, itc) have been, are, themd) has been, is,
it12.look! goods … displayed in the window. the manager says that there will be … sale. a) are, two-days'b) is, two-day'sc) are, a two-daysd) is, a two-day13.our family … good at playing draughts. draughts … our favourite game. we play … every weekend. a) is, is, itb) are, is, itc) are, are, themd)
is, are, it14.stop! the traffic … heavy and the traffic lights … red. in … time you will cross the street. a) is, is, two-minutesb) are, are, a two-minutec) are, is, a two-minutes'd) is, are, two-minutes'15.he spent … holiday at the ….a) a week, richardsons'b) week's, richardsonc) a weeks,
richardsonsd) week, richardson's16.she was going for … walk across the fields to the … house. she was sure that he would help her because it was the duty of … to help poor people like her. a) a ten-miles, governor's-general, governor-generalsb) a ten-mile's, governor-general's, governors-generalc) a
ten-mile, governor-general's, governor-generalsd) ten miles', governor-generals', governors-general17.she wished she had a little garden with … and like that of ….a) lilies-of-the-valleys, forgets-me-nots, mrs. sandb) lily-of-the-valleys, forget-me-nots, mrs. sand'sc) lilies-of-the-valiey,
forget-me-nots, mrs. sand'sd) lilies-of-the-valleys, forgets-me-not, mrs. sand18.take your … and get out with …! you got my … notice, didn't you? a) belonging, it, two weeksb) belongings, it, a two weeksc) belongings, them, two week'sd) belonging, them, two week's19.we want to equip our factory
with … and to install … in the assembly shop. a) new machineries, themb) a new machinery, itc) new machines, itd) new machinery, it20.have you got all the … of byron in your home library? - yes, i have, but i haven't read all of ….a) works, themb) work, itc) works, itd) work, them​
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7класс задать к предложению "ted has flown in a pitate ship" 2 общих вопроса ,2 специальных вопроса, 1 альтернативный вопрос. 20
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Проверьте нет ли ошибок в переводе
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