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Прочитайте предложения с пропусками, обозначенными номерами A1 –A12, в каждом пропуске представлены возможные варианты ответов (a, b, c, d). Обведите номер выбранного Вами варианта ответа.

A1. … universe is … everything that exists in it.
a) -, the b) a, the c) the, the d) the, -
A2. Last summer we went to … Nakhodka and spent a lot of time at … sea
a) the, - b) a, the c) -, the d) the, the
A3. People can travel … space in rockets or other vehicles.
a) the b) a c) - d) an
A4. He earns … money by making web sites.
a) a b) many c) much d) any
A5. I have a stomachache. The food in that restaurant … fresh.
a) are b) is c) wasn’t d) were
A6. Alice … the magazine and rose from the sofa.
a) closed b) had closed c) had been closing d) was closing
A7. We … along the forest for two hours but still didn’t find the right way.
a) walked b) had walked c) had been walking d) was walking
A8. John was reading the book that he … from the nearest library.
a) borrowed b) had borrowed c) had been borrowing d) was borrowing
A9. I … for my keys when suddenly Molly arrived and helped me to lock the door.
a) looked b) had looked c) had been looking d) was looking
A10. If I were a spaceman, I … to the Moon first.
a) would probably go b) will probably go c) probably went
A11. You look depressed. If I … you, I would go to a comedy show to distract.
a) be b) were c) have been
A12. If she … to Paris last year, she wouldn’t have met Jerry.
a) didn’t go b) wouldn’t have gone c) hadn’t gone

В заданиях A13-A17 выберите вариант предложения, который возможен в английском языке.

A13. A) He expected us to come on Sunday.
B) He expected us come on Sunday.
C) He expected that we would come on Sunday.
D) He expected him to come on Sunday.

A14. A) My parents don’t let I do anything I want.
B) My parents don’t let me do anything I want.
C) My parents don’t let me to do anything I want.
D) My parents let not me do anything I want.

A15. Sally said, ‘I will certainly buy these shoes, Mum’.
A) Sally said that she will certainly buy these shoes to Mum.
B) Sally said to her Mum that she would certainly buy these shoes.
C) Sally said to her Mum that she would certainly buy those shoes.

A16. He said, ‘Where is Jill going?’
A) He asked where Jill was going.
B) He asked where Jill is going.
C) He asked where Jill is going.

A17. ‘Don’t open the door,’ said her parents.
A) Her parents said to her not to open the door.
B) Her parents told her not to open the door.
C) Her parents told her to not open the door.
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