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Поставь правильные формы Present Simple в пропуски:
do/does/don’t /doesn’t

1.……..you need my book?
2. …… a lion eat leaves?
3.……. Helen take the bus?
4.She ………..like to sing.

2. Образуй время Present Continious (настоящее продолженное глаголов в скобках.
1. He …………..a newspaper now. (read)
2. They ……………….flowers in the garden. (plant)
3. I ……………..to music at the moment. (listen)

3. Напиши глаголы в Рast Simple
begin, drink, go, do, give, have, take, see, meet, be

4. В скобках выбери правильную временную форму
a) Lara always ….at 7 o’clock. (get up, gets up, got up)
b) Look! He ….a car. (repairs, repair, is repairing)
c) Dolphins ….with one eye open. (sleeps/sleep/is sleeping)
d) I often …..for a walk. (go/goes/am going)
e) Bill ….TV every evening. (watch/watches/is watching)
f) What …..she doing? (does/is/ can)
g) Dennis can sing but he…..draw. (isn’t/can’t/ can)
h) There’s a sofa in my room but there …..any chairs. (isn’t/aren’t/ are)
i) How often … they swim? (have/do/are)
j) Linn usually ….up at 7 o’ clock. (wakes/wake/ woke)

5.Вычеркни лишнее слово из логического ряда:

a) Maths, Science, Thursday, Physical Education, Technology
b) sharpener, notebook, pencil case, umbrella, ruler
c) bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, furniture
d) budgie, tortoise, cat, goat, guinea pig

6. Образуйте множественное число существительных:

7. Выбери правильное слово
a\some carrots
a\an apple
a\some pineapples
a\some bread
a\some juice
a\an tomatoes

8. Прочитай текст. ответьте на во это очень

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