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№1 Раскрыть скобки (Past Simple или Past Continuous)

1 The boy _was sitting (sit) on a bench in the park __reading_ (read) a book.

2 The man (take) my handbag while I (sit) in the restaurant.

3 The policeman (notice) the blood on the floor when he first (enter) the room.

4 I (try) to sleep when the doorbell (ring).

5 The accident happened because the man (drive) and (talk) on his mobile phone at the same time.

6 When I (reach) the other side of the lake, I (feel) safe.

7 While I (do) my English exam, I (decide) to ask for a drink.

8 I (see) the money on the ground as I (walk) to school.

9 They (start) climbing very early in the morning because they (want) to reach the top by midday.

10 I (sprain) my ankle while I (play) basketball.

№2. Вставьте пропущенные слова. Первая буква вам дана

1 Nauru is a small rock island in the Pacific O_ _ _ _ , almost 4,000 km from Australia.

2 Primrose H_ _ _ in Regent’s Park is only 78 m high, but you can get a great view of London from the top!

3 When Mount Vesuvius – the v_ _ _ _ _ _ – erupted in 79 ad, it destroyed the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

4 Tower Bridge across the R_ _ _ _ Thames in London is a famous tourist attraction.

5 Some of the trees in the Black F_ _ _ _ _ are very old.

6 Parliament Street in the city of Exeter, England, is so n_ _ _ _ _ that two people can’t walk together at the same time.

7 Loch Ness in Scotland is a very d_ _ _ lake – it’s over 226 m from the surface to the bottom!

8 The Nile is 6,853 km long, but only 2.8 km w_ _ _ , from shore to shore.

№3. Послушайте, как пять человек обсуждают экстремальные виды спорта. Соотнесите каждого говорящего с высказыванием, выражающим его точку зрения. Одно высказывание лишнее

A Speaker ___ says it wasn’t easy learning to do their sport.

B Speaker ___ doesn’t do the extreme sport as much as they want to.

C Speaker ___ thinks the activity they did was too risky.

D Speaker ___ thinks they are too old to do the activity now.

E Speaker ___ doesn’t travel far to do their sport.

F Speaker ___ learned how to do their sport a long time ago.

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