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Очень Вставте артикли a, an, the. 5) Birds fly to _South In autumn.
6) Where is _ Namib Desert?
7) What is _ biggest Island _ in Philippines?
8) Holly has always wanted to visit _ South America.
9) Is _ Pacific Ocean _ biggest ocean In _ world?
10) Is _ Edinburg in _ UK or in_
11) When tourists come to _ New York, They mostly visit _ de Central
Park, _ Time Square and _ 1. World Trade Center.
12) _ Tretyakov Gallery is one of _ most famous art galleries in _
13) _Frank's cafis between_ Nottingham Hotel and_
Peter's Bar in_ Wide Road.
14) _ North of_UK is_ Incredibly beautiful place.
15) They landed at_ Sheremetyevo alrport in_
16) Is_
Statue of Liberty in_ New York and_ Elfel Tower in_
17) What hotel is situated near_ Moscya River?
18)_ Northern Ireland is_ country where you can find a lot of
breathtaking views
19) Would you like to visit _ Vatican?
20) _Mir Cinema is in_ llicha Steel
_Houses of_
Parliament is one pe the most visiled:
sightseeings in_ London,
22) Would you like to buy anything at_ Hamads?
23) They spent last winter holidays on_ Island of Malta
24) His friends live in_ Colorado near_ Rocky Mountains
25) _East or_
West home is best.​

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Заключите глагол в кавычки в правильном времени и сформируйте. a. we're meeting at 7.15 but the begin) until 8.10. b. if up) early, she wouldn't have been late. c. many people ) a walk on the moon. d. i really wish ) english as well as you do. e. david can't play football until ) his homework. f. ) dinner with my aunt tomorrow and
i'm looking forward to it. g. ) for the race every day after school. h. if you had been careful, the steal) your necklace.
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Make questions. give 1 the forest? - .(bill in is the forest.) 2 - - . ( the boys are busy.) 3 the river? - .(they can swim in the river.) 4 exercises? - .(she must do morning exercises.) 5 in the garden? - .( they hhave got a lot of trees in the garden.) 6 - a nice house? -yes, . .(bill's uncle has got a nice house.) 7 ? - .(the boy gets up iate.) 8 bicycle - .(she often rides a bicycle.) 9 exercises? - .( the boys to morning exercises.) 10 exercises? - .(jack does morning exercises.)
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Самолёт совершает рейс из города q в город p за 3,2 часа если бы он снизил скорость на 50 км/ч, то мог бы выполнить рейс за 3,4 часа. найдите первоначальную скорость самолёта
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Нужно перевести предложение: это говорит петров. на язык, по правилу present continuous tense
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