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Очень Вставте артикли a, an, the. 5) Birds fly to _South In autumn.
6) Where is _ Namib Desert?
7) What is _ biggest Island _ in Philippines?
8) Holly has always wanted to visit _ South America.
9) Is _ Pacific Ocean _ biggest ocean In _ world?
10) Is _ Edinburg in _ UK or in_
11) When tourists come to _ New York, They mostly visit _ de Central
Park, _ Time Square and _ 1. World Trade Center.
12) _ Tretyakov Gallery is one of _ most famous art galleries in _
13) _Frank's cafis between_ Nottingham Hotel and_
Peter's Bar in_ Wide Road.
14) _ North of_UK is_ Incredibly beautiful place.
15) They landed at_ Sheremetyevo alrport in_
16) Is_
Statue of Liberty in_ New York and_ Elfel Tower in_
17) What hotel is situated near_ Moscya River?
18)_ Northern Ireland is_ country where you can find a lot of
breathtaking views
19) Would you like to visit _ Vatican?
20) _Mir Cinema is in_ llicha Steel
_Houses of_
Parliament is one pe the most visiled:
sightseeings in_ London,
22) Would you like to buy anything at_ Hamads?
23) They spent last winter holidays on_ Island of Malta
24) His friends live in_ Colorado near_ Rocky Mountains
25) _East or_
West home is best.​

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Спо ! выпишите из текста 5 предложений в present simple, поставьте их в отрицательную и вопросительную формы.1.i’ll never forget my first visit to the belarusian opera and ballet theatre. my friend and i wanted to see the famous ballet swan lake by tchaikovsky. weknew the plot very well. we also knew some pieces of music from this ballet(small swans’ dance) and decided to see the whole performance.2. we bought the tickets in advance and came to the theatre half an hour beforethe show. in the foyer we bought the programme. such famous dancers as t. yershova – international competition laureate, people’s artist of the republicof belarus (as zigfrid) were costarring in this ballet. the ballet is about thegreat love of prince zigfrid and a beautiful young girl odetta by name.3. at 7 sharp the performance began. from the very first minute i was deeplyimpressed by everything i saw on the stage. the setting and the dancing weresuperb and exciting. the costumes were fine, the music was thrilling. theballet seemed to me a fairy-tale. i had never seen anything more wonderfulbefore. my friend also enjoyed every minute of it.4. after the first act we went to look over the theatre. we saw the boxes, thepit, the dress-circle and the gallery. there were many portraits of famousopera-singers, ballet-dancers, musicians and producers on the walls of thefoyer. among them we could see the portraits of a. savchenko, r. petrov, m. gulegina, etc.5. when the curtains fell at the end of the performance there came a storm ofapplause. it seemed that it would never end. the dancers received call aftercall. they were presented with large bouquets of flowers. we also . the performance was a success. образуйте степени сравнения с : therewhenthatreceived
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Сочинение по языку на тему содержание диких животных дома. 7 предложений не больше и желательно разбить на 4 пункта: 1- вступление (задаем вопрос), 2- аргументы за , 3- аргументы против, 4- заключение (мое личное мнение)​
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Переведите текст strange things, не смогла найти его в интернете может вы ? начинается он так: a sailor came to his native village from sea. и т. д.
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