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В каждом предложении теста по одной ошибке исправить:
1. The news you told me are very interesting.
2. Nobody has never seen the other side of the moon.
3. They made me to work hard.
4. I watched TV, than I went to bed.
5. He is never boring when he learns English.
6. I had dined with some friends last week.
7. She has one brother younger.
8. I'm sorry I'm late. I had to make shopping.
9. Do you think should I take the exam again?
10. He likes the city in winter when it is quite, and there are not many tourists.
11. How long do you know each other?
12. If I were rich I will live in a big house.
13. This is an expensive bike, so look it after carefully.
14. Mother bought a coat that Ann wanted to have.
15. My sister writes histories for children. She is a writer.
16. Jane's garden is biger than ours.
17. I broke my leg when I felt down in the street.
18. Hans comes from German.
19. Four people took to hospital but nobody was seriously hurt.
20. People always laugh on his jokes.
21. Who did break the window?
22. Socrates was the wiser Greek of all.
23. That were the happiest days.
24. Jane's perfume smells sweetly.
25. I want you to advice me in a legal matter.
26. History repeats herself.
27. Every man has a good angle.
28. I wish I was your friend.
29. None of the invited has not come yet.
30. They have never seen snakes when they visited Ireland.
31. Death spare none.
32. Are you afraid of dogs who bark?
33. To tell truth I lied.
34. You ought be more kind.
35. He has wear glasses because his eyes aren't very good

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