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1) Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences.
1. Do you always play / Are you always playing video games after school?
2. We go / are going on holiday with our parents in August.
3. You don’t need / aren’t needing to bring any money for the school trip.
4. Why do you use / are you using my computer right now?
5. I read / ’m reading a book every night before I go to sleep.

2) Complete the sentences with the correct past simple form of the verbs in brackets.
1. Your grandparents (be) delighted when they saw you last week.
2. We (spend) all our money at the shops.
3. You (buy) a really nice dress for the party.
4. I was upset when I (drop) that beautiful vase.
5. The teacher (begin) the class before I got there.

3) Rewrite the sentences to make them negative.
1. Ben could do all of his homework yesterday.

2. Dad came back from work late last night.

3. We enjoyed the music at the party.

4. I got a computer game for my birthday.

5. Our lessons were very interesting today.

4) Complete the gaps in the text with a / an, the, or no article (–).

My school

I go to 1 really big school and I love it because it is next to 2 sea. 3 school is
about half a kilometre from my house, so I walk there every day.
We do sports in 4 school gym on Mondays and Fridays. I like 5 football the most. We
have our other lessons in 6 really nice classroom. I have 7 very good class teacher.
Her name is Miss Graham, and she's also my English teacher. 8 English is my favourite
subject. There’s 9 interactive whiteboard in our classroom. Miss Graham writes on it, and
she plays 10 videos on it too. We always have fun in her class.


1) Complete the words in the sentences.
1. I don't write my homework with a pen − I do it on my l_ _ _ _ _.
2. We walk down a long c_ _ _ _ _ _ _ when we go to the music room.
3. There is a lot of information about the school on the n_ _ _ _ _ b_ _ _ _.
4. We have our lunch in the school c_ _ _ _ _ _.
5. I like the g_ _ because we do sports there.

2) Complete the sentences with the adjectives below. There are two extra adjectives.
ashamed bored disappointed excited frightened relieved upset
1. You were very when your best friend moved to America. You cried
all day.
2. Megan was of the big, angry dog.
3. My brother was when the doctor said he was OK.
4. The old man talked about the same thing for over an hour – we were very
5. Thanks for inviting me to your party next week – I’m really about it!

3) Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. I’m a little bit / extremely hungry, so can I have something small to eat, like an apple?
2. This is extremely / rather hot, but you can hold it in your hand.
3. It’s very / a bit cold outside, so wear a big coat when you go out.
4. I'm extremely / a bit tired, but I don't need to go to bed.
5. Gary is very / a little bit cross with me – he isn't speaking to me at all.

4) Choose the correct words to complete the note.
Hi Leila
I’ve got some bad news! Last night I 1 slipped / cut on some ice outside my house, and I 2 tripped
/ sprained my ankle. Now I've got a big 3 blood / bruise on my leg, and I can’t walk on it for a
few days − so I can't go with you and Anna to London tomorrow. My ankle doesn’t 4 hurt /
injure too much, but I'm really 5 disappointed / disappointing that I can't come with you.

Dear Mrs Wilson
I’ve got some bad news − I can’t do the exam tomorrow. Yesterday I 1 sprained / fell over some
wood in our garden and broke my right 2 arm / ankle, and now I can’t write anything. It really
3 bleeds / hurts too, but the doctor gave me something for the 4 pain / burn. I’m very sorry, and
I'm also 5 annoyed / annoying that I can’t do the exam.

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