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7. She says sheto any famous traveller. *
has never spoken
has never been speaking
8. What the day before yesterday? *
did you do
have you done
9. The other day weto picture gallery. *
have gone
10. Why are you sad, Charlie? - Imy textbook. I for it for two hours and I can't find it. *
lost, have looked
have lost, have been looking
11. Have you translated the article? *
12. The first bird in the picture was an owl, was a magpie. *
the other
13. Unfortunately, Michael is not ...my best friends. *
14. There is...cheese in the fridge. Let's make cheese sandwiches. *
a little
15. Mr Parson is interested in our planet. He has a good collection of books about *
16. She is very unusual girl. I can’t make her ... *
17. Paul decided to take...swimming and began going to a good swimming pool. *
18. Mary, if you can’t do the work ..., ask somebody to help you. *
19. I think it is a very dangerous trip. We should talk him ...of it. *

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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 10.03.2019 08:40
I. change sentences according to the example. example: we have a big kitchen = we’ve got a big kitchen/we have got a big kitchen. do you have a sister or a brother? have you got a sister or a brother? 1. they have a new office. 2. i have a sister. 3. i don’t have a brother. 4. jack has a bicycle. 5. jack doesn’t have a car. 6. jane has a dog, hasn’t she? 7. do you have a
phone? 8. what do you have in your hand? 9. do you have a sister or a brother? 10. you don’t have a dog, don’t you? ii. use the correct forms of the verb “to be”. example: … you at home? = are you at home? jill: hello. … we all here today? maria: john … missing and lisa … missing too. john: good morning! here i … . lisa: sorry, i … late. jill: oh, that
… all right. … you both ok? john: yes, we … .
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Грамматика it was a bright morning. mцr sanders his coffee when he heard a bump and a crash. a tennis ball near his feet. a window glass there was a noise at the door. he opened the door, and there stood a boy asking for his ball. “i’ll give you the ball back only when your father for the glass. it is a very expensive one. ” mr sanders was sure that the boy would ask to be forgiven. he expected to hear that it was the first time and he would never do it again. but to his surprise the boy said, “i’m really sorry, i it on purpose. please write the sum for two glasses, and my father will pay for . i can’t promise that i it again. ” “but how can you be sure to do it for the second time? ” mr sanders asked angrily. the boy explained, “i tennis for a few years, and i’m sure that each short can also be a glass breaker. ” the same confidence made this boy a champion playing for his country in the world championship some years . drink lie break pay not do they not do practise late прочитайте ниже текст. преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк, обозначенных номерами 10-15, так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. заполните пропуски полученными словами. каждый пропуск соответствует отдельному 10-15. healthy food and exercise can stimulate better learning. many of our children are eating poorly. that doesn’t mean that they have nothing to eat but the food is low quality. what’s more, almost all of them are leading lifestyles. as a result, serious and costly health problems, such as and type 2 diabetes in kids, are increasing. it is reported that one in six american children is among the many of schools is teaching children how to lead a healthy lifestyle. healthy eating does not mean staying thin or refusing from the foods you love. rather, it’s about feeling great, being more energetic, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. unfortunate active obese weight responsible realistically
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 17.03.2019 10:50
Нужно придумать сочинение на тему: все о нижегородской области на языке, и что бы в сочинении были слова и словосочетания: быть богатым, быть поразительным(горы, равнины, пустыни, побережье), совокупность дикой природы и окружающей среды, неиспорченная земля, привлекает много посетителей, быть важной частью местной ; нужно 7-10 предложений, написанные на , но можно и на , только с переводом)! заранее
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Английский язык, 17.03.2019 18:22
Сочинение по языку 200 слов на тему как мы можем заключить мир ​
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 19.03.2019 12:19
Сделать ! нужно сделать exs 3,4,5,6,7,8
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 20.03.2019 21:10
How eating habits have changed in russia?
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 24.03.2019 20:57
Iупотребите в следующих предложениях глагол в пассиве, произведя необходимые изменения. переведите новые предложения. образецthe chinese invented paper. — paper was invented by the chinese.1. some of our friends joined us on our way to the summer camp. 2. the engineers have urged the management to take advantage of the new technology.3. a special edition of short stories for children followed his first novel. 4. 1 spent all my money on books last month.5. we shall do the translation in the evening.
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 25.03.2019 05:40
Скажите , когда употребляется it, а когда there . и в чём их отличие . .
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 27.03.2019 23:00
Сочинение по языку на тему спорт и игры
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 28.03.2019 23:00
Дайте ответы )* количество букв в *x* 1the largest sea mammal *5* 2a very big bird *5* 3an animal that lives in the polar regions *4* 4hunt animals illegally *5* 5 most birds can do this *3* 6a domestic pet *3* 7 it looks a bit like a dog *3* 8not a pet animal *4* 9a big african cat *4* 10 an indian beauty *5* 11 many of animal are already extinct *7* 12 the biggest land mammal *8* 13 hunters kill elephants for this *5* 14 a frightening dof-like animal *4*
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Английский язык, 29.03.2019 08:00
Fill in the article the where necessary: a)the titanic wiht more than two thousand passengers on its board was sailing to new york when is sank in ocean in 1912. orkhey islands shetland islands and hebrides belong to scotland.
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Иконка предмета
Английский язык, 29.03.2019 19:05
Напишите на про любимую игрушку мишку 5 - 6 предложении и если можно написать как читаеться чтоб выучить .
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