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1. Open the brackets and put the verbs in the brackets into II Condition. (Правило в учебнике на стр. 160)

1. If my grandfather were younger, he (forget) so many things.

2. If I (have) the money, he would by a fast car.

3. If she had an umbrella, she (get) wet.

4. If we (have) a car, we would get there in 30 minutes.

5. Jane likes living in a city (be) happy if she lived in the country.

6. If I (have) more money, I would buy a new car.

7. If he changed jobs, he (be) much happier.

8. If I wanted to learn Italian, I (go) to Italy.

9. If it was not raining, we (go) to the beach.

10. I have not told Ann what happened. She would be angry if she (know).

4. Find the synonyms
1. outfits c) clothes
2. out of fashion d) out of date
3. to come to an end a) to finish
4. to begin b) to start

5.Match the words in the left column with the words in the right column.

1. dyed spiky a) pins
2. ethnic b) sale
3. casual c) hair
4. safety d) clothes
5. car boot e) accessories

6.Find one odd word out.

1. jewellery, cheeseclothes, accessory, safety pin
2. baggy, narrow, tights, flares
3. trendy, out of fashion, to be up to date, fashionable
4. dress, baby-doll dress, pinafore, petticoat,
5. ripped, leggings, tight, narrow

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