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I. Vocabulary and Grammar
1. This T-shirt ….. really well ….. your shorts.
a)goes with b) looks for c) goes on d) turns into
2. What (you/ watch), when we (come)?
a) did you watch/ were coming b) you watched/came
c) were you watching/came d) did you watch/ came
3. What an ….. story!
a)believable b)believe c)believing d)unbelievable
4. Every Monday, Sally ….. her kids to football practice.
a) drives b)drive c)is driving d)are driving
5. She is the …… polite person I know.
a)more b)most c)many d)much
6. She was a great detective. She always ….. the crime.
a) solve b)is solved c)solved d) was solving
7. He bought a new car …… .
a) yesterday b)tomorrow c)today d)now
8. I (read) a book last night when I (hear) my sister shouting.
a) read/ heard b)was reading/ was hearing
c) was reading/heard d) read/was hearing
9. He has made …… Kate after their quarrel.

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Тот, кто правильно ,на того подпишусь! много! ​
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Summarise the text: this october 31 is a scary day for dylan barnes, not just because it's halloween, but because it is a special anniversary for him. for several years he will have been trying to put a good idea into a successful business via the internet. he won't be doing anything special to
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Написать письмо письмо-,объем 120-150 слов
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Fill in the gaps with prepositions
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7класс 1.2.3 я не успеваю плмлгите​
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Ппереведите этот текст надо 10
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