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Ребята Годовая контрольная работа по английскому языку
7 класс

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or Present Continuous.
Be quite! The baby (sleep).
She (be) always late for breakfast.
Look! A police officer (run after) a burglar.
My aunt usually (read) newspapers in the evening.
My brothers never (watch) TV in the morning.

Put the relative adverbs where /why / when.

We will visit the castle the kings lived.
Winter is the time of the yearmany people suffer from flu.
I can’t understand the reasonyou have been late for work.
This is the libraryyou can find even rare books.
I remember the day I went to school.

Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple or Past Continuous.

I (play) computer games yesterday.
I (play) computer games at five o'clock yesterday.
What Nick (do) when you came to him?
What you (do) when I rang you up?
She (sleep) when I came home.
When I came into the kitchen, my mother (cook) dinner.
He (get) up at seven o'clock yesterday.
My father (come) home at six o'clock yesterday.
When I (come) home, Kate (play) the piano.
When I (meet) John, he (go) to the railway station.
4. Put the verbs into the correct future form (will, be going to, Present Simple or Present Continuous).
I love London. I (probably / go) there next year.
The examination (start) at 9.30. Don't be late!
What (wear / you) at the party tonight?
Look at the clouds – it (rain) in a few minutes.
The train (leave) at 11:45.
5. Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect.

She (buy) some really nice roller blades!
Oh, no! I (lose) my money!
My mum (write) shopping list. It’s on the kitchen table.
Dad, you (eat) my biscuit!
Mary (study) hard this year, so she’ll pass her exams.
Oh no! She (drop) the plate!
Tom is my best friend. I (know) him for three years.
They (live) in Moscow for two years.

Choose the correct word.

Madonna is more famous / most famous than Beyonce.
I prefer classical music because it is more relaxing / most relaxing than rock music.
This film is the most successful / more successful film ever!
He is better / best at playing the violin than his brother.
He is not as good / better at football as his brother .
The London underground is the oldest / older in the world.

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect Continuous.

Helen … (wash) the dishes for fifteen minutes.
My classmates … (write) a dictation since the beginning of the lesson.
My grandfather … (collect) coins since he was a boy.
Andy and Den … (discuss) the plans for their winter holidays for two hours.
The vegetables … (boil) since 10 o’clock.

8. Reading.

Gaelic football
The Irish play football, and they are good at rugby, but they also play Gaelic football. This kind of football comes from a traditional Irish game.
Gaelic football is an exciting game. It has elements of football and rugby. You play it with a round ball, like a football, but the players can use their hands.
There are strict rules. The players can touch the ball, but they are not allowed to throw it. They have to pass the ball from hand to hand to other players. They also have to bounce or kick it when they run with it. They have to score goals to get points for their team.
In Gaelic football the players do not wear special clothes. They put on shorts, T-shirts and trainers, but they don’t need any special equipment like helmets or gloves. To play the game they don’t use sticks, bats or rackets. They just need a ball.
The first international tournament took place in 1886 in Ireland. However, today Gaelic football is quite popular in the USA and Australia.

Read the text about Gaelic football and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1 The Irish are good rugby players.

2 Gaelic football is a combination of football and rugby.

3 The players can’t touch the ball with their hands.

4 The players wear helmets.

5 Gaelic football is not popular in America.

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