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Read the text below. Match choices (A-F) to paragraphs (17-21). There is one choice you do not
need to use.
A. An unusual hobby
B. A new image for politicians
C. An early success story
D. Different plans for my future
E. An important influence
F. A young rebel
When I was young, I don’t think there was ever any doubt in my mind about what job I intended to
do for the rest of my life. However, I agree that it probably seemed a rather strange ambition for a
child to want to be a politician rather than a footballer or astronaut. I’m quite sure that the person
who was responsible for this was my grandfather. When he became the local Mayor, I was very
impressed by the golden chains he wore!
I inherited his love of debate and, apparently, even at primary school, I used to argue a lot with
the teacher about school rules and fairness in the classroom. I remember one school report when
she wrote that I had very strong views on a wide range of topics, and my parents got quite angry
with me for not doing what the teacher told me.
By the time I was a teenager, my parents were getting very worried about me. They wanted me to
be a doctor, but I had no interest in this at all! In fact, the only thing I was interested in was
reading newspapers, which was very odd for a young teenager! Then, I joined the UK Youth
Parliament, and they realised that I was serious about becoming a politician.
The UK Youth Parliament was very good training for me, and, some years after, I went on to be
elected as a Member of Parliament for my own area. In the beginning, my parents were unhappy
about my choice of career. They wanted me to choose a job which was well-paid with security,
and it didn’t help that my political beliefs were completely different from theirs! But I’ve been a
politician for four years, and they’re really happy now.
It’s interesting how people react when I tell them that I’m an MP. Some think that I must be very
caring and want to change the world, whereas others think that all politicians are rich and never
tell the truth! I suppose politicians, in general, have a bad reputation, but I’m sure that young MPs,
like me, really do want what is best for the people and our country. I hope so, anyway.

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