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Complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets.

1.- My sister is __than my brother. (intelligent)

2.- The blue whale is animal. (big)

3.- Iceland is ___than Spain (cold)

4.- This is book I’ve ever read. (good)

5.- My neighbour is person I know (lucky)

6.- Friday is the ___ day of the week. (busy)

7.- These trainers are much than those. (cheap)

8.- Frank works than most people. (hard)

9.- I’m at English than you. (good)

10.- Today has been day of the year. (hot)

11.- This is CD I’ve ever listened. (bad)

12.- English is Japanese. (easy)

13.- Which mountain is in the world. (high)

14.- John is his brother. (clever)

15.- English is Latin. (useful)

16.- What is word in English? (common)

17.- The Nile is river in the world. (long)

18.- This is my brother. Mary is their ___daughter (old, old)

19.- That skyscraper is one of ___ buildings in the city. (tall)

20.- The first exercise was easy but this one is __. (difficult)

21.- Our journey took than we expected. (long)

22.- Charles is student in the school. (noisy)

23.- Madrid’s population is than Santander’s (large)

24.- Nothing makes me so as waiting on the phone. (angry)

25.- Five years ago I was than I am now. (fat)

26.- This car is as as yours ( economical)

27.- Spanish is to learn than Chinese. (little difficult)

28.- It’s hotel in Santander (expensive)

29.- Rakvere is than Narva (far)

30.- I haven’t got many CDs. You’ve got than I have. (many)

31.- Everyone has heard of ‘Real Madrid’. They are probably __ team in the world. (famous)

32.- The cheetah is animal in the world. (fast)

33.- Barcelona’s stadium is new. It’s one of the stadium in Europe. (modern)

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