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1 name is John.
a. Mine b. Me c. I d. My
2 They from Italy.
a. Is b. are c. do d. does
3 are you from?
a. What b. Who c. Where d. How
4 Sam at seven o’clock
a. goes up b. gets c. gets up d. get up
5 you like this music?
a. Are b. Have c. Do d. Got
6 Have you a dog?
a. any b. do c. have d. got
7 We don’t have cheese.
a any b. got c. some
8 some butter here.
a. There`re b. There c. There`s d. There were
9 It is a busy, street.
a. traffic b. quite c. noisy d. mine
10 The children at home yesterday.
a. was b. is c. are d. were
11 Do you like the red ?
a. it b. that c. one d. the
12 He to China on business.
a. went b. did c. go d. goed
13 Yesterday was the of May.
a. third b. three day c. three number
14 I in front of your house at the moment.
a. standing b. am standing c. is standing d. stand
15 My sister is younger me.
a. then b. that c. than d. with
16 It is country in the world.
a. the best b. the bestest c. better d. the better
17 My phone’s ringing: answer it.
a. I`ll b. I c. will d. me
18 He has breakfast.
a. ate b. eaten c. eat d. did eat
19 I never met a politician .
a. before b. already c. after d. ago
20 Have you tried rock climbing?
a. always b. ever c. soon d. never
21 Are you for two or three weeks?
a. staying b. stayed c. stay d. have stayed
22 Natasha to visit her parents.
a. will b. going c. is planned d. is planning
23 We like to see Lake Ontario.
a. would b. will c. are d. could
24 My friends won’t come, they?
a. won`t b. come c. will s. did
25 I enjoyed this story. did I.
a. Either b. So c. Neither d. Or

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