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1.Дополните следующие предложения, выбрав соответствующие обстоятельства времени из правой колонки:

1. They were writing a test a) last year.

b) before their parents came.

c) for 2 hours yesterday.

d) the whole morning.

2. They had been writing a test a) since 8 o’clock yesterday.

b) before we came.

c) when the teacher came.

d) yesterday.

3. They wrote a test a) since morning last Tuesday.

b) when their mother came.

c) last Monday.

d) before the teacher came.

4. They had written a test a) at 4 o’clock yesterday.

b) yesterday..

c) for 4 hours yesterday.

d) by 40’clock yesterday.

2. Соотнесите английскую форму с правильным переводом на русский язык:

1. cooked a) приготовила (уже)

2. were cooking b) готовила (уже час, с 3 часов вчера)

3. had been cooking c) готовила( в 3 часа вчера)

4. had cooked d) приготовила (вчера)

3. Выберите из правой колонки те формы глагола, которые необходимо употребить при переводе следующих предложений:

1. Я ходила в библиотеку вчера. a) went

b) had gone

c) was going

2. Мы слушали музыку весь вечер. a) was listening

b) had listened

c) had been listening

d) listened

3. Он прочитал книгу, прежде чем написал рецензию. a) read

b) had read

c) had been read

4. Вчера весь день шёл снег. a) snowed

b) had snowed

c) was snowing

d) had been snowing

4. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предлагаемых вариантов подходящую по смыслу форму глагола

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