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1. My plane yet
А- hasn't arrived
В- hasn't been arriving
С- not arrived
2. Jane has been working as a chef three years.
А- since
В- for
С- before
3. I don't think John feels very well. He in bed all afternoon.
А- has been
В- have been
С- was been
4.My aunt used to be an English teacher, but now she a tour guide.
А- became
В- has been becoming
С- has becomе
5.He hasn't read any books since he university.
А- has finished
В- finished
С- has been finishing
6. Fred has been studying this morning.
А- since
В- for
С- from
7. The athletes for three hours. What time will they finish?
А- have been training
В- have trained
С- trained
8. Amanda has been living in this house she was two years old.
А- for
В- after
С- since
9. Where all day?
А- have you been
В- did you be
С- were you
10. She in the park for an hour.
А- has jogged
В- jogged
С- has been jogging
Д- have been jogging
11.Alan basketball since he broke his leg.
А- hasn't been finishing
В- hasn't finished
С- finished
12. Jane is very tired because she the house all day.
А- cleaned
В- has cleaned
С- has been cleaning

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